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Bad mood: How critical could it be to my team's development process?

Andreas Symeonidis

Andreas Symeonidis

CRO @ Cyclopt

When developing software, people management is important. A team leader must identify when his team is going through a bad phase and ensure that T-E-A-M, never grows an I!

Everybody knows that mood affects productivity. Everybody!

Whatever analysis you read, you will see that proper software management does not only imply taking full advantage of the technical skills of the developers. It also entails having them happy, committed and engaged to the common goal.

As the DevOps culture dictates, companies spend a lot of time and resources to provide the optimal workplace to talented people who resume various roles to support agile software development. In this context, social skills and continuous interaction are also needed, to ensure (as much as possible) the timely and proper delivery of software.


However, adopting the optimal software methodology is never enough. Software engineers are still people (yeah, really!). They may start their day off on the wrong foot, they may be disappointed on something that happened back at home, or may not fancy the tasks they are working on. And, being in a bad mood, their productivity and clear judgement may not be at their best. Up to this point, everything is under control. Teams have the way of self-calibrating, stand up meetings allow for corrective actions, and they will develop their software on time. Will they? Are you sure? At what cost? What happens when the blame game starts for not delivering on time? How do team members feel when they are - practically - forced to cover for missed deadlines and work overtime or during weekends?

People become offensive or defensive – depending on the side you are. They start having friction with their colleagues, even if they do not express their disapproval out in the open. Maybe they start feeling unappreciated or not taken care of, in case they take up most of the extra work. So, "I"s start to appear, although there is no "I" in T-E-A-M!


When developing software, people management IS important. One should be able to understand when a team member is being under pressure or is having a bad day, week or fortnight. And this, ideally, should be identified and monitored as early as possible without raising a flag to the person and the team. A set of suggestions and remedy actions should be proposed early enough, allowing for that person to catch up and be on track. Or, if this does not seem possible, tasks should be reassigned shortly to the ones within the team that have the capacity - and will - to cover for their colleague. It is about those who possess the ability to take the heat, while also being acknowledged for their services. This way, the team will stay efficient and well-functioning, while avoiding those pitfalls that can generate step backs. So that T-E-A-M never grows an "I".

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