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Welcome to the Cyclopt blog!

· 2 min read
Michalis Papamichail


Welcome to our blog! This first post explains what we do and what to expect from us in the future!

We are Cyclopt, a software company that aims to accelerate the software development process and make people's life easier. We design and implement a SaaS application aiming to facilitate the software development process, with focus on agile project management, software quality assurance, and team management.

In this blog you will read our ideas and our experience about the modern world of software development. Topics are going to be diverse (and hopefully inspiring and helpful mostly to team leaders or software engineering managers), including software team management, agile development techniques, source code quality, and generally any challenges arising during the software development process.

As a final note, we would like to make this blog a successful forum for sharing ideas and we would like it even more if we have you along for the ride with us. To do so, first make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. Then choose the medium of your choice, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and reach out to us at any time to agree or disagree with our posts, give us your own ideas on the relevant topics and let us know about interesting topics to review!

Till next time folks!

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