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Create your Project

Create a New Project by clicking on the right-hand side above the Projects' board.


Getting your New Project Started #

Choose the Name, the Description and the labels of the Preoject. You can enable the Projects and/or the Quality Analytics.


Kanban Model #

Pick the Kanban model that suits better your project. You can choose not to have a Kanban Model, the Cyclopt Minimal Kanban or the Cyclopt Default Kanban.


Link your Repositories #

You can link all the repositories related to your New Project, by writing your code hosting facility's URL.


If the URL matches a valid repository, then a green icon appears next to the repository that was recently added. In case, the URL does not match any repository or your account does not have access on that, a red icon appears next to the repository.


Personal or Team Project #

You can choose between a Personal or a Team Project.

If your Project is a Team Project you can connect your New Project to all the Teams, where you have admin rights. You can also add your collaborators from that Team.


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