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Who we are

To accelerate the software development process

To accelerate the software development process

and make people’s life easier

and make people’s life easier

Cyclopt is a spin-off company of the Intelligent Systems & Software Engineering Labgroup - ISSEL, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Here in Cyclopt, we strongly believe that human expertise is still key to success of every project, but the necessity of software development is making their time and effort harder to manage. Cyclopt aims at providing innovative solutions in the area of software quality as-a-service and help software companies develop and maintain high quality software products easier, faster and more economically secure.

Our objective is to provide a customized 360o assessment of your software against the ISO/IEC 25010 standard quality characteristics, at minimal cost and with minimal effort . We do so while empowering teams to put human expertise first and let of cutting-edge algorithms facilitate processes and decisions in software development.



Michail Papamichail

The quality expert of Cyclopt! His PhD in Software Quality allows him to be one step ahead when it comes to producing high-quality software. Given his experience in the technical aspects of software development, he believes that effective quality monitoring is the key factor behind the success of any software product. Always eager and determined to offer you the best possible product!

Dr.Eng. Michail Papamichail
General Management - Founder
Andreas Symeonidis

The head of research of the team! With numerous top tier publications and management experience in several national/EU-funded projects, he knows how to turn research results into practical solutions. His position as Associate Professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of AUTH enables him to go beyond the state-of-the-art and evaluate novel approaches before bringing them to market.

Prof. Andreas Symeonidis
Head of Research - Founder

22, Laertou Street, Thessaloniki, Greece, Tel: +30 2310 383 468
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