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Cyclopt integrates with the most popular online code hosting facilities making it easier to add repositories and get quality analytics. The supported Git providers are:

✔️ GitHub
✔️ GitLab
✔️ Self-hosted Gitlab Installations
✔️ Azure
✔️ BitBucket

You can also sign in with Cyclopt account

To Get Started just head to Cyclopt Platform.


Sign In with the git provider you use. Based on the provider you are using, you will be redirected for authenticating your account.



If you are logging in for the first time, you will be asked to authorise permission of Cyclopt to your account. Keep in mind that the Cyclopt Platform only requires read-access to your repositories.


With Cyclopt account you can not use quality analytics. Cyclopt does not host your repositories.

You're all set!! 🎉

If you see the following screen, it seems that you are ready to add your project and create your team.


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