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Last modified: August 29, 2019

At Cyclopt we strive to achieve the highest level of security for our service. However, it is well known that no system can be fully secured.

If you have spotted a security vulnerability or have any feedback on our security, we would like to know it as soon as possible.

To this end we would appreciate if you:

  • Email us with your findings at, including as much information as possible to reproduce the issue.
  • Do not reveal the issue to others until we have resolved it.
  • Do not impact other users by disrupting our services or invade their privacy by accessing or modifying more of their data than necessary to demonstrate the issue.

In turn, we:

  • Will contact you within 72 hours with our conclusions and expected solution, keeping you informed along the way of our progress towards resolving the problem.
  • Will not take legal action against you if you have followed the instructions above and not violated the acceptable use policy provided in our Terms of Service.
  • Credit you as the discoverer of the problem, only with your permission.

We aim to solve all problems as quickly as possible and would like to be actively involved in any communication on the problem after is has been resolved.

Automated Software Quality Assurance

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